The importance of tradition…

We look back respectfully, to earlier times, to our roots, to the beginnings of nearly 70 years ago. We see how much the world has changed overall, and how the details of our lives have changed: how the workshop of that time has now grown into a company that is active on the international stage.

The enterprise has nevertheless remained true to its core values: respect in its dealings with people and nature, forward looking, flexible and visionary.

Modern stylistic idiom, contemporary realisation. We see these values as universal in their application.


The year 1949 was year zero for Höller. At that time too we were forward-thinking and courageous, unconventional thinkers, experimenting and inquisitive. Today we are a South Tyrolean interior design company, with an international focus and a second generation of owner-managers.

then as now

Even if the resources, tools and possibilities are now almost totally different, the gleam in our eyes, the passion and the zest of those days all remain unchanged.


The word “impossible” is probably the very last thing you will hear us say. Once upon a time we might even have used our own car to transport large items as necessary: this commitment continues today in our approach to one of the most demanding of all interior design disciplines: yacht outfitting.


Listen, understand, reflect and act accordingly.

A simple recipe, but one that has proved itself over many years.

In 1975 the company moves to Leifers for reasons of space. With works for the Vatican, the large-scale manufacturing of furniture and fittings for banks, major orders are demanding ever more space.

In 1988 Klaus and Stephan Höller succeed company founder Josef Höller. The two brothers continue to direct the company today.

In 2015 the establishment of a Swiss company lays a further foundation stone for our international operations.

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