In search of individuality…

Pausing, contemplating, reflecting on the things that are important in life: desires, needs, freedoms, a design for living. A place to develop, a place to be, an intimate piece of our homeland.

Nothing is finer than the feeling of being understood and being part of the development of something new and yet familiar.

The path to all great things runs through silence.

F. Nietzsche

Every interior project contains a large element of personality: memories of the past, desires for the future.


Structure that does not set limits, character that does not impose. Personal and harmonious.


Individual needs as the starting point for planning and realisation. The results are solutions that understand people and their everyday lives, supporting them in their routines.


Whether ground, brushed, stained, oiled, planed, waxed, rough-sawn, painted or natural; whether solid wood, fine veneer or special coating, the possibilities are almost infinite. At the centre of the advice and selection process, however, are always the personal aesthetic tastes and the user’s requirements for the end product.

Each interior has its very own language: material, form, colour, finishing, feel and function. Sensitively selected, perhaps impressively staged, but always intended to ensure lasting pleasure.



The right decision.

The fog seems to lift, the view is once more uninterrupted. Thoughts are clear, the heartrate drops.

Now come peace and a good feeling.

Höller sees itself as a creative partner for demanding and complex interior solutions. We place the needs, aims and requirements of our customers at the centre of our work, offering where desired our flair for form and aesthetics and proposing considered solutions for individual project concepts.

We see ourselves as partners and planning experts for architects in realising their individual stylistic idioms and developing bespoke construction solutions. We use Europe’s best raw material suppliers and dedicate a large part of our time to the testing of new materials, material combinations, production methods and finishing methods.

Come and immerse yourself in the creativity of the interior design projects that our passion has allowed us to realise.
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