Always seeking…

It is the urge for something new that connects us. The dimension, the form, that speaks to us. A strong avowal, a clear statement, chosen with farsightedness that has proven itself over the years.

The desire to create something of great value. Significant and present, something that connects.

It is the sum of all the impressions that constitute a place, that convey its nature, its essence, its soul …


The extent of an object, the incidence of light, the guiding of the view: just some of the aspects to be considered and that are substantially affected by the choice and processing quality of the right materials.


Whether reduced to a minimum or carefully detailed – the charisma and the character that project designers assign to their work primarily reflect the form, colour and material, including its treatment.


Especially for large spaces, issues such as noise evolution, sound intensity, reverberation and noise absorption are often fundamental factors in project planning. Special processing solutions and material treatments can substantially contribute to the final spatial effect.


If we look from afar at an object, we tend to see its structural image as a whole and we immediately notice any unpleasant irregularities. Thus for example the matching of different wood grains and their smooth transition are vital for the creation of a harmonious impression.

For large objects in particular, it is the flawless interaction of a competent team and the technical resources employed that play a crucial role.


As regards freedom.

It is the liberation of the thought processes from the conventional, the pre-existing, from all that is well-known.
It is breaking out into open, empty, free space.

Höller is a professional in finding solutions for “impossible” construction challenges, in special material combinations and in sophisticated surface finishings.

Innovative machinery, an ambitious team, understanding of the needs of both planners and customers as well as satisfying results in every form are the factors by which we measure our achievements.

Come and immerse yourself in the creativity of the interior design projects that our passion has allowed us to realise.
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