From New York via Shanghai to Australia: a selection of our many and varied furnishing projects.

House S
Lago di Garda




This holiday home on the lake is seductive with its furnishings in American walnut, which have a solid look and brilliant finish. The natural stone floor blends perfectly with the wooden Elements.



Veneri, Willeit, Niederstätter Architects

A combination of American Walnut, lacquered white surface, and natural stone with leather look – The farm-stead with an unique appearance…

House G

Augusto Visintini


This CasaClima A is decorated with furniture items that have a simple design, are painted in white and combined with elements in smoked elm wood. The furniture of the living room stands out because of its dark shadow gap and the Swiss pine bed with leather headboard.


Wineyard Kohlstatt

Matteo Thun & Partners

Custom dimensions, doors more than 3 meters in height, optimally protected surfaces with a natural look.

House M

monovolume architecture+design

A world of Corian in a clever combination of materials and design. One highlight: a black wine cellar made of glass and solid Oak.

House B

Kohlmayer Oberst

The table is seven point five meters long and made of Oak, amid an arrangement of Alcantara, Japanese linen, and Italian Travertine.

House N

Kerschbaumer Pichler & Partner

Water-blasted concrete, White Pine, glass – Understated architecture for an optimal interaction with nature.

House A

Team Höller 

White painted furniture items with walnut wood elements that nicely match the walnut floor made to measure. The bright living room is divided into a hallway, kitchen and living room by a central separation element.