Authentically different...

Nestling between Italian flexibility and Alpine thoroughness, our traditional enterprise with its South Tyrolean roots creates its very own dynamic and inspiration.

And although much of our work is today machine-assisted, it is still the people with their knowledge and ideas, their craft-related skills and abilities, who make our interior solutions always new and unique: precious, ingenious and personal.


Planning and technology are closely connected to production processes. For example, the 3D-CAD construction software transmits data directly to the CNC processing centres, allowing us to neutralise possible sources of error for complex components.

Surface treatments require skill and an intuitive feeling.


Expert hands transform wood, a living raw material, into a pliant substance, artistically composed, modelled in the widest variety of forms.


The efficient use of raw materials is a high priority. Aided by modern machinery, in our enterprise we only process wood from sustainable sources. The works also has its own wood-fired heating plant for burning all wood waste.

Realising unique items:

Idea, research, design, conception, planning…

innumerable single steps that go into the realisation of individual furnishing projects to produce long-lasting, unique items.

Höller stands for individuality and know-how in the realisation of high-quality furnishings as well as for architectural and organisational projects. Our focus is on high production capacity and the prompt, customer-oriented completion of orders. Service and support are also provided following installation.

Our certification to ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standard guarantee the quality and continuous optimisation of our employment and health policies.

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