A future that builds on creativity...

Thinking outside the box, experimenting, courageously and energetically taking on new challenges… This is the attitude to which we have remained faithful over the decades.

Our handicrafts enterprise would not be what it is today without the creativity of the people who work here: not only for their abilities, but also what they themselves contribute.

Höller thrives on the professional expertise and commitment of its staff.


Knowledge, according to Leonardo da Vinci, is the child of experience. Our experience is a precious asset that we pass on to our colleagues and integrate with our knowledge of the latest production methods and technologies to ensure that the professionalism of the entire enterprise is steadily improved.

We have to meet high standards. We can only do this because the whole business supports the idea of customer-oriented working.


“Alongside the work with a wide range of materials, I find it particularly fascinating that our interiors do not only remain local, but can be found all over the world.”

Damian, joiner


We are unconventional thinkers, we question and enquire, we are visionaries but also realists. Not only in the technical realisation of handiwork, but also in the planning and design processes.

Team spirit

Strengthening what we have in common, respecting individualities, developing a positive atmosphere, whether at work or on a day out skiing together, at a rowing regatta or a yacht show:

we are a team.

Höller has over 40 employees, including project managers, planning specialists, construction supervisors, trained and experienced master carpenters, varnishers and assemblers; the company also offers practical training for apprentices.

Our focus is always on the individual project and the best possible solutions:
maintaining a personal relationship with our customers and partners is also a matter of vital importance for us.

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