From a deep longing…

Following an idea, expanding it and creating something great from nothing, doggedly working at it, refining the details until uncompromising perfection is attained. All borne along by enormous passion and the need for unique, individual values that require one thing above all: sophistication and durability.

And finally to see the deep longing that everything has turned out exactly as it should have.

A thing can only be realised if it is borne by passion and its needs are recognised and understood.


Wood finished by expert hands, combined with all imaginable materials: synonyms for elegance and quality.


Optimal use of space and functionality: flowing, seamless transitions, concealed details and perfectly integrated technology as a challenge for functional prestige solutions.


The highest quality requirements for materials and processing, for form, ergonomics and aesthetics – visible down to the smallest detail and the last function. Hidden mechanisms, innovative workmanship, so that not even the smallest screw is visible. A love for detail, handiwork to the finest standards.


High-tech core materials, the finest wood veneer, seamlessly worked and correctly fitting to one tenth of a millimetre. Natural feel, highly polished finishing, various materials in a multifaceted symbiosis.

One look at the details and workmanship will confirm this impression. Those with the highest standards immediately recognise the value of work produced by an expert.



From the travel diary:

We are approaching our destination; sun, fog, wind, clouds and a light swell are our ever-changing companions.

Only the feeling of privacy remains constant, the feeling of being safe and sound within.


Höller sees itself as a partner for the high-class interior fitting of yachts of various sizes for shipyards and owners worldwide and works to statutory yacht construction standards such as SOLAS and PYC. The fully-parameterised 3D CAD construction software, connected to CNC processing centres, makes it possible to produce perfectly matching, seamless parts for assembly.

All our realisations are underpinned by a systematic thought process based on cost planning, time management, flexibility and carefully thought-out, detailed solutions.

Come and immerse yourself in the creativity of the interior design projects that our passion has allowed us to realise.
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