Specialists in outstanding interior furnishings

Höller is your creative, highly-skilled specialist partner in luxury high-end interior design. We develop and create custom-designed fittings for privately-owned and VIP yachts, prestigious architectural projects and luxury villas all over the world. Armed with our passion and love for experimentation we come up with innovative solutions for extraordinary requests, blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques and materials. Yes, we are perfectionists, and we keep a close eye on every detail, because that is the only way we can guarantee quality that is made to last, on land and at sea.

Innovative approach, for three generations

An open mind, curiosity and courage is part of the Höller family’s DNA: The company founder himself, Josef Höller, was a man who preferred to take the path less travelled when it came to achieving his goals – not least in his delivery of a spiral staircase to clients on the roof of a Fiat. Over time, the carpentry business has evolved to become a specialist in exclusive interior design and the only producer of yacht interiors in South Tyrol. And we haven‘t stopped expanding: from 50m² to 11,000 m² of operational space, from a one-man enterprise to an international family business now in the hands of Klaus Höller with daughter Katrin and son Kurt, with premises in South Tyrol, Bavaria and Switzerland.

  • Courageous, with a zest for experimenting, and lateral-thinking: at 22 years old Josef Höller founds the Höller Carpentry in the centre of Bolzano. A small workshop packed with inventiveness, and the foundations of the family company as it is today.  

  • One prestigious contract comes after another: The carpentry workshop outgrows its available space and transferred to the industrial area of Laives. We carry out works for the Vatican, produce interior fittings for banking institutes and top-quality commercial furnishings. 

  • Klaus and Stephan Höller take over their father’s carpentry business. Like their father, the two brothers are eclectic adventurers with vision: They expand the range of services and seek out close partnerships with architects. We become specialists in challenging interior design and fit villas the world over with tailor-made interiors. 

  • The first interior fittings for yachts are successfully brought on board. We open another premises in Switzerland, bringing us closer to our international customer base – We have always been every bit as punctual and precise as the Swiss themselves.

  • 70 years of Höller, and the third generation is now on board. We scrutinise, experiment and develop our expertise continually and our long-standing staff share our vision. In the heart of the mountains of South Tyrol, we are the only yacht-fitters to be found. 

  • The family company's largest project to date was completed for its 75th anniversary: The entire owner's area of a motor yacht over 100 metres long with special requirements in terms of materials and lightweight construction. A new office is built in Rosenheim for customers, business partners and employees in southern Germany.

Mindful of Nature

The Dolomites in South Tyrol, our homeland and UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the word of Le Corbusier, the most beautiful architectonic work in the world, they are formed by the coral reefs of a primordial seabed. This unique landscape has taught us to take responsibility for our surroundings. We work mindfully with the living organism, sourced from sustainable forestry operations wherever possible. We use the waste wood from production to fuel the energy-efficient wood combustion plant which heats our company premises.

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